Diamond Dogs

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sorry for the long absence. I didn’t intend to leave my blog on hiatus; I meant to come back and write something, but then wasn’t sure what to write, caught between commissioned projects that weren’t of much interest to anyone but the clients who initiated them, and half-finished personal projects that I wanted to polish just a bit more before I typed something about them.

I’ll try to rectify the lack of posts in the new year. In the meantime, happy holidays and see you in 2020!


Addendum: I (almost) always draw a new personalized Christmas card every year (I didn’t get around to it last year, for reasons I will likely elaborate in a future post). Every year I leave it to the last minute, the artwork completed and cards printed and put in the post so late they usually don’t arrive until New Year’s Eve or after.

Every year I say ‘I will learn my lesson this year and start earlier on it next time’. Every year I don’t, I do the exact same thing all over again. Perhaps next year.

You can find a range of my shoppable Christmas cards here (or will do, when I get back home from a work trip and take my Etsy shop back out of holiday mode)